I believe I’ve previously alluded to the fact that I would like to up my game with this blog, ie. by giving it its own domain (not just be a “” blog), give it my own personal design, etc. It’s a slow going process but still a process that I’m fully committed to. I wanted to use this post to talk about that a little more so y’all can be aware of what you can expect to see from the blog over the next several months.

If you’re a frequent reader, you’ll have noticed by now that I changed the theme for my blog. I’m not 100% satisfied with it, but I like it a little more than the previous one I was using, so it’ll do for now but don’t be surprised if it changes again. As of this post, I do not have my own domain for the blog and can work only through WordPress’ limitations, meaning that my theme selection is limited to the choices that WordPress gives me. With getting my own domain, I should hopefully have more control and make a setup that is wholly my vision, but that is further down the line.

Now, this blog is not my fulltime gig. I actually am employed full time as a laboratory technician and the blog is my side project. Everything I do on and for the blog is done on my time outside of work (with the occasional posting when I can sneak it in at my desk). This includes the posts, the extra work that goes into the post of swatches, cooking or baking, taking photos of the results, etc., and learning the necessary skills to make all of those things better. I have no photography background other than pointing a camera and taking pictures. I have a very minimal coding background that extends to the CSS and HTML work I did back in the day when I played Neopets and customized their individuals pages (true life, man). On top of producing blog content, I’m learning and practicing to make that content better for my audience. I want to put out the best product that I can, because really this blog is a brand, my content is the product, and the world of bloggers is the market. My product needs to be polished and the best that I can produce to be competitive and gain your interest and continued readership.

I know I haven’t been the best at posting consistency and this is something I’m trying to work on, but I want you all to know that my primary focus is a lot of those other skills that will enhance the blog and in turn the posts. In comparison, the posts are the easier part; while I still put work into what I write, what I am writing is my opinion, and I know that well enough to communicate it well and get it out to you. What enhances my opinion and is the more difficult part is putting it into a format where you can then analyze and form your own opinion after I’ve stated my case, and that means having a blog that is appealing and easy to read and navigate, as well as complementing my words with photos that are clear and really let you examine what it is I’m talking about. Fortunately I also love photography and learning how to program so it makes the process worthwhile but still difficult and time consuming. And granted, for as long as I have this blog, I will continue to learn and modify my skills in these areas, however I would like to have a solid base that is still very good and can only get better yet still leaves me satisfied when I present it to you.

So that’s where I’m at. For now, I will still be producing content and working behind the scenes on getting a blog together that feels a lot more my own than what I have on WordPress yet, but I want to keep on a role with posting. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how pretty and sparkly I make this place if I’m not producing anything to draw you in and show you just how pretty and sparkly it is. I’m hoping to get at least one post out a week and fall into that rhythm, which shouldn’t be too difficult as I have a lot of ideas written down on paper that will soon turn into blog posts! And I’ll do the best I can to keep you updated on my progress as far as getting the blog free-standing.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me, and if you have any suggestions or resources that you think will help me along in my goal, I certainly welcome them. I’ll take all the help I can get!

Until next time, stay well, stay beautiful! xx


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