#WCW: NikkieTutorials

Good morning everyone! It has sadly been close to a month since I’ve last posted and I apologize for that. My posts are going to be much more sporadic than I anticipated due to a very busy upcoming summer that includes moving out of my current apartment.

A quick update: It’s probably not obvious but the URL for my blog has slightly changed. Instead of “palatesandpalettes.wordpress.com” we have become “palettesandpalates.wordpress.com”. The switch-up is due to me wanting to eventually make this blog its own domain, and palatesandpalettes.com is already taken. Plus what I’ve changed it to now just…sounds better in my head? Something about the slight variation in the pronunciation of “palette” vs “palate” and the order it’s in now. Anyway, be on the lookout for this blog becoming registered! It won’t happen for another couple months but I want to do it.

Now on to today’s post. As I do my beauty research and practice, practice, practice, I come across many fabulous talents who deserve plenty of recognition for their abilities, whether they’re already well-known or not. Borrowing the trend from Instagram, I would like to do an occasional #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) or #MCM (Man Crush Monday) to show these artists some love.

My WCW this week was someone I came across when a user on reddit suggested her review to me of benefit’s they’re real! push-up liner when I was considering pre-ordering it (speaking of, if you would like to have the chance to be one of the first to own this product, visit https://thelinetofine.com/). Not only was her review extremely helpful in my decision-making process (I passed for now) but I noticed that she, like me, has hooded lids. So I continued watching her videos and immediately fell in love.

The beauty blogger I’m referring to is NikkieTutorials, a beauty guru out of the Netherlands. Not only is she gorgeous and extremely talented but she is hilarious. I love seeing how vloggers inject their personality into their videos and just have fun with it while being informative. She does it so well and is hilarious. I watched her video “May Hits and Oh God No’s 2014!” and definitely snort-laughed at one point. Getting me to snort-laugh is one of the best compliments I can give you, trust me. The biggest thing that won me over, though, is that she herself has hooded lids and does gorgeous things with them. Anyone who has hooded lids knows the trials and tribulations that go along with them. You sigh looking at some of the beautiful eyeshadow looks that people do with them and begin to quietly sob, knowing you’ll never be able to recreate them. Not to mention how we’re told to comply solely with matte shadows, which, you know, is awesome when I have palettes like UD’s Naked 3 and Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar that have gorgeous shimmers…

Forget that noise. You want some sparkle? You want color? I’ve found a girl who can give that to you.

If nothing else, her eyebrows are perfection and I’m obsessed with her current filming setup with the twinkle lights and shit. So much love.

You can find her on her YouTube channel that I linked above as well as on her blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Even if you don’t have hooded lids, definitely check her out. I’m already in love after only viewing a couple videos.

That’s all I have for you for right now, but be on the lookout because I do have another post planned that I’ll be publishing soon! Until then, stay well, stay beautiful 🙂


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